Sharing our Values

We at Cedo commit to developing people who share our values. First is the belief it is possible to face challenges. Then as a global business, working with different locations/business functions while remaining one team. Next is that we treat others as we would wish to be treated. And last but not least Cedo promotes an attitude of accountability and achieving at pace.

How employees achieve our values?


Engenders trust and is actively sought out for support and advice. Honours promises and commitments to deliver, demonstrating a high level of integrity. Operates fairly respecting differences in others views and styles.


Enables team to realise true potential, effectively develops people, strives to achieve success through others, giving freedom to act on their own judgement, encourages open, honest and constructive communication in the business.

Commercial Acumen

Applies sound commercial judgement, ensuring that all decisions positively impact profitability.

Drive & Passion

Demonstrates visible passion and enthusiasm for making the business successful. Has the drive and energy to make things happen. Takes pride both in the performance of own team and others around.


Gives genuine responsibility to others and demands real accountability in return, sharing credit with those who deserve it.


Working collaboratively and communicating effectively with others, taking collective responsibility for business processes and results, prioritising what is best for the business as a whole.

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