We offer a range of closures and sizes from 20L to 240L. Suitable for all your bins inside and outside your home.

Manufactured using recycled plastic which has been processed in our own recycling facility in Geleen which is a specialist facility in the recycling of post consumer (PCR) household and agricultural film.

We also offer a biodegradable product that is 100% biodegradable and compostable and conforms to EN13432 certification.

Our bags are sized to fit every possible use in the home, garden, professional kitchens, leisure or facilities management. For those jobs that require extra strength we also offer our co-extruded bags. Double walled for increased strength and carrying capacity.

Closure types:


Material choices:

Functional benefits:


Closure Types


Our premium closure available across our Kitchen liners and outdoor sacks.

Flat top

Our basic closure available across the vast majority of our products.

Tie Top

The always versatile and ever reliable Tie Top, available to our indoor liners and outdoor sacks.

Tie Handle

The ever classic Tie Handle can be found across the majority of indoor, outdoor and speciality sacks.

Speciality Bags/Liners

Garden Sacks

The perfect product to help you with the weekly garden maintenance.

Multi-use bags

Does what it says on the label. These bags are as useful as it gets, shopping, cleaning, laundry or anything else you can think of.

Rubble Sacks

Durable, tough and reliable. When the normal sack won't cut it, the Rubble Sack will always be there to do the job, and do it well.

Caddy/Kerbside Liners

100% compostable food waste liners. These are a staple for each and every home.

Wheelie Bin Liners

If you no longer want to risk accidental spillage or rips in your Wheelie bin, these Liners are perfect.
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