Making the right choice

For us this means making products that consumers love whilst developing our business in the most sustainable way.

We know that as a business we have to be completely transparent in everything we do. This is an important element in building the trust of our partners, colleagues and local communities.

We take a huge amount of pride in our leadership of recycling plastic in Europe. Post consumer household plastic and Ocean plastic waste will form the major challenges for Europe over the next 30 years.

Cedo will continue to take the lead in building more sustainable usage of plastic. (As part of the Ellen Macarthur foundation working group on Plastics and as leaders in European plastic recycling).

Making the right choice for the environment the easy choice for customers and consumers.

Operating Europe’s largest film recycling centre for over 35 years

Our use of recycled plastic continues to grow year on year. We utilise recycled plastic from 4 main streams. Our commitment to recycling is so fundamental to our business we operate Europe’s largest mixed plastic film recycling centre in Geleen Holland

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