A new challenge

If you are ready for new challenges and feel that you are someone who can bring our values to life, moreover you want to be part of a Cedo community, you’ve come to the right place.

We are always looking for the right people to join us. What can you expect from the recruitment process with a Cedo representative?

  • A phone call to determine if you are familiar with the requirements of Cedo employees and to present details of the job on offer
  • An invitation to the Cedo unit to meet with your future supervisors and colleagues
  • A request to present your competencies in a practical way
  • Receipt of constructive feedback should Cedo be unable to offer you a job at that time
  • A request for your assessment on Cedo’s recruitment process


Apply to Cedo by using the following e-mail:


Poland: praca@cedo.com

United Kingdom: UKCareers@cedo.com

Russia: rabota@cedo.com

Vietnam: recruitment.vn@cedo.com

Germany: recruitment@cedo.com

France: recruitment@cedo.com

Netherlands: recruitment@cedo.com


You must remember to include your consent to the processing of personal data in your curriculum vitae – we take care of the safety of your data.

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