Head of Quality and Regulatory

Based: Poland
With company since: 2013

“I have been working in Cedo for 6 years and every day I still keep discovering new ideas and new energy coming from Cedo team,” said Kasia.

But how did Kasia’s Cedo journey begin? In 2012 I joined Cedo as a Technical Manager with the key responsibility to introduce and manage standardised workflow for ordering various sorts of products. I was soon promoted to the position of Technical and Quality Manager, responsible for introducing Quality Control System and Central Complaints Database on a group level. Those were highly complex and ambitious projects. I  also manage the demanding cycle of customer and certification audits supporting our position in the European market.

What are you currently in charge of? Since February 2018 I have been working as Head of Quality and Regulatory. I am responsible for leading International Quality and Regulatory teams and especially for mapping quality processes and key risks for all factories.

What do you like about working for Cedo? I appreciate the atmosphere at Cedo, which helps a lot in achieving the goals. I enjoy being part of the changes taking place in different areas and to be challenged by the ever changing demands of the business and market. I really appreciate and value the Cedo culture, which enables me to be fully responsible for taking the decisions.

Supply Planner

Based: Germany
With company since: 2005

Bob could you tell your story to us? Yes. I started working for Cedo in 2005, when I moved from a role as a buyer in Maastricht’s company. At the time, Cedo was planning to move to Möchengladbach and set up a new customer service team and I was offered a 3-month temporary contract, which was extended. Eventually, I was offered a full-time job.

What is your current position? My role since 2013 has been Supply Planner in the German office, dealing mainly with 3rd party suppliers delivering to the German and Benelux Market. This entails calculating when and how much product to order and then tracking the delivery status. Additional tasks involve maintaining contact with our warehouses, container planning, creating articles in the system (data entry) and updating price for the Far East 3rd party suppliers. Obviously, it is much more extensive but this is another story.

The best thing for me at Cedo? The best thing for me is that I am now in a position where I do what I like best – planning!  What I like about is the freedom to be responsible for my own tasks and the daily contact with my colleagues. Also, the international status of the company appeals to me as I am using three different languages on a daily basis.

Customer Service Specialist

Based: Germany
With company since: 2012

Franziskas Cedo journey started in a temporary position in the Customer Service Department.  She saw this as an opportunity for herself and soon became a full-time employee. She is now a professional experienced Customer Service Specialist at Cedo. “(…) The scope for the customer service support changes from time to time, and so I am familiar with nearly all our Clients and I am able to handle any issue when other colleagues are unavailable, maintaining the best standards and quality of customer service,” said Franziska. Undoubtedly, such a high level of understanding of customer expectations and the ability to manage orders, operate the system and solve problems results from Franziska’s experience. However, this is also influenced by her attitude and conviction that she wants to fulfil herself in such a job.

What reinforces this belief? “(…) Each day is different and each day I face the challenges posed by the customers. That’s exciting about the job!” said Franziska.

What makes me happy and/or is important for me at work? There are a lot of good things here at Cedo. The most important for me is to my manager’s trust in my abilities. I’m surrounded by great professional people, enjoying the challenges and rewards that come with the job. That supports me in achieving my best performance on a daily basis.

Extruder operator

Based: Netherlands
With company since: 2017

Kadir concluded that “(…) teamwork and sharing of information or knowledge” are the most important values at his workplace. After a year of work and learning, he took on a new position as an extruder operator. Kadir’s experience as a production worker is where he recognised the crucial role of being a team player in the achievement of results, so important at Cedo. You have to realise that recycling various kinds of plastics requires various types of activity; sometimes it is physical and sometimes it involves complex technological knowledge. Obviously, it also needs a special kind of treatment and machinery. A trained operator like Kadir should deal with every situation on production floor, but he also can count on experienced colleagues and a collaborative manufacturing team.

What advice would you give to someone starting a career at Cedo? In my opinion, in our factory you can learn a lot. You just need to want to do it. You can really develop your skills. It’s up to you whether you’ll take the opportunities.

Continuous Improvement

Manager Based: Vietnam
With company since: 2012

Vu’s career path  proves that change is really good. Before he filled the position of Continuous Manager, Vu worked as a supervisor in the quality department at Cedo. Outside of Cedo, he had gained experience as a Technical Engineer. A broader perspective helps him to implement modern tools to manage production efficiency. Currently, he is using his skills of implementing improvement actions. As he explains, “(…) The best thing I have worked on at Cedo Vietnam is the co-creation of a system measuring the efficiency of the use of machinery and equipment” Vu’s daily work brings measurable benefits to Cedo. The opportunities for continuous improvement are endless at Cedo, because our company focuses on the optimal use of resources. Therefore, Vu can continue to grow in his field of expertise. It’s a great feeling!

What is you work creed? Every day look for improvements in the environment and activities around you.

Senior Quality Manager

Based: Vietnam
With company since: 2014

May Cedo challenge an experienced manager? Yes, there are opportunities to prove the ability of any manager in their role, which can be confirmed by Hung. Before joining Cedo in 2014, he gained his managerial experience several years earlier in automotive industry, where he was responsible for quality and research and development. At Cedo Hung focuses on assuring  production quality.

What is the scope of his duties? “I lead the quality team and cooperate daily with production function to ensure the product we produce meets the quality requirement. I am also in charge of compliance with all management systems or standards and customers’ requirement, ” said Hung.

What are two things that you could not live without at work? People being caring and respectful as these are the best things about working at Cedo.

What advice would you give to someone starting a career at Cedo? My advice to anyone is to learn from work standards, from your manager and from your colleagues as much as you can. Start working from small responsibilities, step by step, until you can do your job better than your manager’s expectations about you. Simply 🙂

Finance Manager

Based: Vietnam
With company since: 2011

Following his passion, Chau is in charge of providing management information on operational and financial performance of the Cedo business. Before he made the decision to join Cedo, he followed a financial career path in several companies, consistently increasing his finance and accounting knowledge and responsibility.

What’s driving me in Cedo? Working in Cedo challenges me every day in various ways. I am not obliged to do my tasks in a  “run-of-the-mill” way. On the contrary, I take the opportunity to go out of the box. This drives me to action, enabling me to fulfil my potential and grow.

The best thing for me at Cedo? The colleagues at our company are very friendly, and so I can say that there is a good working atmosphere. Team work makes working at Cedo enjoyable

Finance Manager

Based: France
With company since: 2017

If you enjoy using your multi- tasking skills, cooperating with numerous colleagues, dealing with challenging tasks, consider joining our team, just as Isabelle did. Isabelle has been with Cedo since 2017 but she has already had an opportunity to try a little bit of everything from “(…) accounting, finance, a bit of HR, a bit of facilities, a bit of IT, a bit of OHS and anything else that can land on my desk,” she said.

What makes Isabelle successful in her job? Her out-of-the-box thinking, team spirit and professional experience are of key importance. Isabelle has 25 years of experience in various industries, having held financial management roles in different international companies similar to Cedo. What she particularly value is diversity and operating in multicultural environment, which “(…) hopefully has helped me expand my understanding of life and people,” she said. She does her best to understand other associates’ views, which eventually helps her to achieve common goals. This attitude is very much valued at Cedo.

What Isabelle likes about working in Cedo is that “(…) the best is yet to come,” as she said.

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