Recycling post consumer plastic film

Cedo have always been leaders in recycling technology and committed to using as much recycled material as possible in all our products.

Ensuring that we can divert as much plastic as possible away from landfill and incineration and into products to give plastic a second life.

Our leadership in the technology and reprocessing of post consumer waste (PCR) has ensured we can use high levels of recycled plastic without compromising product mechanical performance.

We have been running our recycling centre in Holland for over 35 years. On average we reprocess over 80,000 tonnes of mixed film into granules to feed our two major European manufacturing sites in the UK and Poland.

Our unique ability to reprocess plastic film into high quality granulates gives us the ability to work closely with our partners to reprocess their plastic film. The quality of recyclate produced allows us to manufacture refuse sacks from 100% recycled plastic.

Some might call it waste, we call it a valuable raw material that can be recycled and reused. Reducing our environmental impact and contributing to a more circular economic approach to the use of plastic.

Where does it come from?

“5kg of mixed plastic film is disposed of each year by UK households”

Cedo solely owns and operates Europe’s largest single site LDPE plastic wash plant facility in Geleen, Holland. Situated centrally within the EU, Geleen reprocesses in excess of 80,000 TONNES of mixed waste plastic film bails from the surrounding countries including the UK. Geleen produces multiple grades of material with full traceability of each batch as they are used within our group manufacturing facilities.

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